Leaf Stripper Professional Profi Line over-the-row two-sided

ERO Leaf Stripper Professional Profi Line over-the-row two-sided

Standard equipment

Defoliating height: 490 mm

  • Parallelogram unit and reinforced head units with breakback protection (forward/reverse)

  • Two double-acting 1,100 lift frames, each with 800 mm stroke, for independent height adjustment

  • Two lift frame holders with hydraulic tilting (reinforced, 27° inclination angle to left and right)

  • Hydraulic lateral offset (40 cm per side)

  • Hydraulic width adjustment (30 cm per side) to match foliage wall thickness, clear passage from 10 cm to 40 cm

  • Comfort control with joystick operation for controlling eight double-acting functions

  • Dismount stand with hydraulic lifting

Optional features

  • Hydraulic tilting at the fans (connection to control unit)

  • A light set with warning sign

  • VITIpower 160 hydraulic system with oil cooler, filling volume 80 l

  • Filling the hydraulic system with 80 liters of hydraulic oil (HLP 46)

  • Hydraulic retraction system

  • VITIpower electric proportional adjustment – for shutting down defoliator heads in pairs (defoliating on right or left side respectively) –

ERO Leaf Stripper Professional

Hydraulic pre-cutter

For partial pruning of lateral shoots and the best defoliation results.

Hydraulic, 58 cm cutting length.