BINGER Leaf Remover EB 490 Professional

The best-selling defoliator worldwide.

BINGER first invented the plucking roller system and has successfully marketed its defoliators throughout the world.

Two rotating rollers trap the leaves pulled in by a suction blower and strip off the leaves. Flower clusters or grapes remain unharmed. This allows the use of the defoliator from blossoming through to harvest. The frictional connection between the rollers ensures a high degree of defoliation even when the foliage wall is wet. The cleaner comb keeps the rollers from clogging.

The EB 490 Professional is a further development of the world's best-selling defoliating system.

How you benefit

  • High surface performance: The fan's higher air output and optimized plucking unit enable better defoliation at a higher travel speed.

  • The front-facing fan discharge prevents soiling of the tractor.

  • The grooved plastic roller keeps shoots from being torn out of the foliage wall – even when used directly after flowering.

  • Three different sensing systems (mechanical foliage wall sensing, hydraulic VITIcontour foliage wall sensing and parallelogram unit suspension) allow optimal adaptation of the defoliator to each vineyard.

  • The robust design is highly durable.

  • Ease of use

BINGER Leaf Remover EB 490 Professional XHD two-sided VITIcontour


The best hydraulic foliage wall sensing
available for all XHD models

  • Uniform contact pressure, even on a hillside.

  • Outstanding defoliation results

  • Fruit remains unharmed

  • Reduced driver strain

  • Strong XHD lift frame