VSL 07 P

Standard equipment

  • Frame with blades

  • Hydraulic control

  • Trigger for opening device manually at the post

  • Safety guard

  • Opening the shearing discs

BINGER Pre-Pruner VSL 07 P

Optional features

  • HD6 foot including mounting on the ERO tractor bracket

    800 mm stroke, hydraulic tilting with check valve

  • Hydraulic HD lateral offset, 300 mm setting range

  • VSL 07 dismount frame for dismounting the pre-pruner, with or without foot Suitable for transport by pallet truck or forklift truck

  • Shearing discs (extra pair), please observe the frame size

  • Saws (extra pair), please observe the frame size

NEW! VITIassist

Camera-based opening system

  • Camera-based automatic opening system
  • Option for the Binger Pre-pruner VSL 07 P
  • Reliable and immediate response
  • Can be used for all types of post
  • Enables a higher working speed
  • Recognises the posts even in the foliage wall and can therefore be used directly after harvesting
AOS 2.0 BINGER Pre-Pruner

NEW! AOS 2.0

Opening system with mechanical post detection

  • Manual adjustment of the opening and closing times
  • Can be used for all types of posts
  • Excellent driving comfort reduces driver strain
  • High travel speed for high surface performance
  • Can also be used on high-vigor grapevines