Standard equipment

  • Frame with blades

  • Hydraulic control

  • Trigger for opening device manually at the post

  • Safety guard

  • Opening of shearing discs 30 cm

BINGER Pre-Pruner VSL 07 P XHD

Optional features

  • XHD 1.100 lift mast with tilting unit

  • XHD 500 hydraulic lateral offset

  • Hydraulic XHD device tilting unit

  • VSL pendulum suspension on XHD lift mast with hydraulic breakback protection

  • High-speed saws for a precise horizontal cut near the cordon

  • Double blades for vertically pruning lateral shoots up to 1.5 cm in diameter

  • Lateral saws with parallelogram function for a precise vertical cut near the cordon

  • Can be equipped with saw blades